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Several matches for each plot of land in a phase of suicidal tendency, and perhaps gasoline for the sake of a better show.Glasses can be for the brightest lights on the older towers before implode and fade into dust, leaving themselves in clocks to in & around time, disintegrate. A topless thinking cap, for the open mind required by a chore of listening to raving schizophrenics that may have a point or two, depending on the voice whose behalf they speak on.

A vacation round the world in matters of time and variety, in store for our future, so I encourage all to pack accordingly. It is only a vacation in that you will deviant from what you think you know.

An old paper fan for the heated debates of distractions and attractions. Different eyes for every sight to behold so as to spice the convolution. Grenades to open letters from loved ones and old friends. Magnets to toss deep into clouds for purposes of entertainment. Gargoyles for the nightmares outside every wall you've built up. Sand from homes to mix in with ceaseless dunes. Umbrellas for fallen angels whom plummet from on high. A quill to write down in calligraphic script, the names of on every tombstone.

As for the day in when you look back on this time yet to come, yours will be tears that blur the very past that makes you weep as you look upon it. Such a vacation is a sentence to Gehenna.

At last a blood drenched pillow and sheets, but be sure they match with the broken toothbrush of bone and hair. A fine cream for the ever glaring Sun whom night can so easily take from you. Bring with you, the psychotic inanimate objects but leave all their medications just out reach. Bring heavy rain for tasteless crops that grow like illusions. Horseshoes and hand grenades for all close calls. A flamethrower for the evidence. A rabbit with four lucky feet for a shattered mirror.

Preparations are for adaptations are for recreations are constant changes. A chained link, rusted as the cameras follow, staying whatever course gravity tosses the iron to.
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Clothes are pointless! hahaha
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