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Have you looked into the shattered mirror,
to find the subject of your exasperation?
Accursed hypocrites of the heathen reign,
"Make them suffer for the sins of their ancestors!"
What know you of history's bloody course?
Not a thing, not a damn thing.
Look in the mirror of this worlds memory,
let the record show that which is yours,
the folly, the choking arguments.
Evidence is all you have,
just and yet, the other term, of faith...
Yet again and again,
abased, abashed, by my shear hatred for you all,
Of what do you know in regards to faith?
Not a thing, not a damn thing.
You walk hand in hand with
the blind, deaf & dumb
whose names are covered over with genius.
Ignorance is fear, the blood that flows,
will bleed out to write your part of history...
so short...
yet what of history do you truly know,
repeated by basic word of mouth...?
Not a thing...
Not one...damn...thing....
I have yet to find an atheist that can actually argue logically and independently, without sounding like a total hypocritical, stereotypical, illogical idiot...You label me as a hypocrite, or even a "terrorist". The majority of the time the main argument is that religion is the reason for the worlds strife....You don't know damn thing about history it seems, and when your argument resolves itself to the scientific realm, you really have no idea what you're talking about....I'll respect your beliefs, but if you start bashing mine, you will had better be prepared.

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MIZZTOLLY Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student General Artist
reminds me of the war in my head
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