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Submitted on
February 27, 2013
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Lay down to rest that beautiful head of hair
upon the pillow that welcomes your tired mind.

Let your body find comfort amongst the soft sheets
that caress your lovely skin as it relaxes beneath eased gravity.

Close the curtains of the enrapturing audience of your brown eyes,
let begin the lucid dreams of your kindest fantasies.

Let your mind wonder as your lungs welcome the fresh air of
a deep breath fill them, pushing ajar, the doors of your heart.

Lose yourself in your own fairytales, while in reality I move
with the quiet patience next to you upon the soft sheets.

Take no notice until my lips press against yours gently
with passion invigorating in every sense to your heartbeat.

Let open the curtains to continue the once terrifying
play to the audience of your eyes,To my smiling face.

Let excitement overtake you and embrace me with the utmost joy,
putting to shame, the fantasies and fairytales of imagination.

Kiss me and allow my adoration of you to be expressed in turn.
Love me without fear or worry, but with frenzied joy!

Feel the beat of my heart in unison with that of yours as we embrace,
kissing in the arms of this blessing that is our love.
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TheiaMaby Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Me from the Consultants again,

This is so romantic. I don't pretend to know much about romance, but when there is a poet out there who writes good poetry about it, thens is it you ^^ The poem has a nice flow in it and begins with an advice to let go of reality for a moment. I think your'e right and imagination can be quite powerful and on my opinion fantasy is the source of love...
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