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Still and standing was I,
at the middle of my journey.
Lost between the right and the wrong.

Forgetful as to the actions that
brought me to such a place as this...
The outskirts of some abandon ruin,

External, the metropolis
from which I had come.
Above me the ruins stood,

looking down upon me...
Upon the desolation in my eyes
which did stare.

What amount of distraught came to me!
I knew no amount of control in this place.
An occurrence so similar to some sort of nightmare.

To what extent is this my current reality?
To what cause is the reason behind,
my presence within these shambles of a past.

At the entrance to my ears,
the blowing dust and ash...
calling me from all directions.

From the shadows did I hear the bellow of some beast...
And from my chest, the beat of my fearful heart...
Beating breath after breath from my dry mouth...

The growling carried on...
past the blowing dust and into my dreading ears,
And emerged the beast from the dust shrouded dark.

Its heads were three,
The right was of a bear, its left a wolverine.
In the center, was the skull of a human, long dead.

Sewn together were they, ear to ear.
decaying and monstrous, my eyes were horrified.
as a serpent  made its way through back the wretched heads.

It spoke to me...though the faces were without emotion.
None of the lips made a twitch of movement.
But it's voice was evil in both tone and manner.

"You tread an old path, one quite unique...
and your feet shall know a divine journey.
Though by another shall you be guided..."

"What do my eyes behold to my mind,
that which is before is most unnatural...
I wish to know the discord of my life's journey!

Answer foul creature, or by God shall you know wrath..."
The heads suddenly found life, creaking like rusted gears to the side.
A chuckle came from the center head, and the creature continued.

"Such familiar is the method of thy tongue
to my six and atrocious ears.
Do you think yourself to hold any power above me?

You, just as filthy as I, have a place
in this journey with your guide to be...
Simply the messenger am I..."

Without warning or sign did the beast drop down,
dying instantly and withering into a crude oil...
and the sound of fading laughter reached my ears...

My spine felt the chills given by how cold a presence was left...
But I was suddenly found with comfort...
By the presence of He who was to be my guide.
This is just me testing the waters with an idea of mine. If you've ever heard of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri (It's mainly known as just "Dante's Inferno" but that's just part one of three. I want to write this in dedication to my late Grandfather, who like me, LOVED this famous classic. It's also going to be a sort of ode to Dante himself. Lemme know what y'all think and if you want more.

If you know who does the picture, please let me know.
Alessaandra-the-Fair Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm a big fan of the "Divine Comedy," (Robert Pinsky's "Inferno" in particular), and this seems pretty true to tone. I'd enjoy seeing more of it.
cskadoz Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012   General Artist
way awesome-can't-stop-reading-want-more-great-character-imagery-setting-voice-tone-cool! dante rocks! this rocks!
read it aloud (only way) in different 'voices.' it needs be performed.
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