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The arachnid turned, and receded to the peak of the structure,
The creatures stood as still as the trees,
And soon, they too did retreat back to whence they came in the woods.
A powerful gust came to my shoulders,
And at a drumming pace did it come from above…
My ears then beheld in amazement, the beating wings.
The numbers were the sort that would leave you speechless,
Endless were the children of Creation, loyal to a dying & holy breath,
Swooping down, as their passing pulled me back towards the edge.
Here began my free fall from Omphalos and into the War Zone.
Past the maze which I once did tread, descending the mountains side,
Back down to my place of origin to this journey, where my rose was received.
There did I land as a shade, untouched by what I was to witnessed,
Yet still petrified and still did I stand,
Alike my putrid corpse that was feet from my feet.
My out of body experience found interruption from surrounding eyes,
Inhuman and many, outnumbering the shine and shade of my spirit.
Yet they remained in their wretched black, encompassed by unsettling darkness.
And amongst the cremated world I once called my home,
Saw I, the marks left behind by the four beasts…
Hoof prints were but a genesis to the revelation.
The roots interior of the soil were mangled and beyond reform…
The clouds bled out an acid rain upon Gaia's flesh,
And she screamed as her mother nature betrayed her.
Fear overtook my trembling soul,
And I began a run that made my vision
Only more vivid to the new horrors born unto my world.
My fellow man had dropped his moral compass,
And War had recreated them to be as land mines,
Obliterating the humanity of my brothers and sisters whenever given pressure.
My former and cremated home thrived as a barren extension of the Hell below.
Its grounds were laced with the skeletons of history and humanity…
Some fresh organs found my eyes, just as the decay found my nose.
The air's ash did not do well to mix with my tears,
My vision blurred as my feet carried my shaking legs,
Until finally they gave way amongst the filth in their way.
My quivering breath caught up with my heart,
And my trembling hands lifted themselves to wipe away my gray tears…
And before me stood yet another structure….
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-the turning arachnid: A rather saddened God, turning away so he doesn't have to watch the unpleasant events unfold.

-Powerful winds: the constant, amazing yet unseen work of the Angels of God & the Heavenly Host. In this poem they come down to Earth from Heaven for the final battle.

-Omphalos: THe source of Creation, where the previous poem, "The Spider Upon the Structure" takes place. The free fall is just a way of explaining how the narrator goes from one dimension to another the War Zone is an Apocalyptic Earth.

-Surrounding eyes and the wretched black: Demons, and their cowardice in attempting to remain hidden.

-The cremated world represents how the apocalypse is really meant as a "death-process" for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. What is know as the world we live will ultimately go through this state of purification, sublimation, and ascension into the Kingdom of God. Much like how cremation is thought to "freeze the soul, and ascend to Heaven in the form of smoke."

-"Hoof prints were but a genesis to the revelation." This is probably my favorite line in the whole poem. It not only refers to the 4 horsemen, but also alludes to the verse in Revealations; Revelation 22:13: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Here I used further reference to that particular verse by mentioning the first and the last books of the Bible, in chronological order.

-The mangled roots: The origins and catalysts of the apocalypse will hardly be known during it all.

-The acid rain: Mother natures attempt to cleanse the Earth

-Moral compass land mines: Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it only leads to death." In the events of the Endtimes, humanity will find itself in complete chaos--and morals and ethics will likely go out the window.

-"skeletons of history and humanity": Crumbling buildings, destroyed cars, etc
ShiningSteel Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The symbolism here is impressive! :) I never heard the term "omphalos" before.
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