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Around my throat pulled the rugged noose,
tighter with every upward movement...
Though beheld I chains of gold as a harness,
inching me along the way up.
I scaled the mountain of my own,
whilst I tread in its vertical labyrinth...
To my back, a mirror follows my every move,
the constant reminder of every falter.
From above comes down an ever flowing stream,
washing clean from me the blood, sweat, and tears.
Such is the waters of life that I chose to follow,
as the overflow my thirst and tired limbs.
At my feet, the heat of a million fires,
giving rise to the sulfuric smell of Rock Bottom...
Where from and down the rugged noose yanks.
Burning to a cinder, my forest once dark.
The rope tugs with a playful tease
and with my every breath do I hear the laughing pullers...
Still do I carry on, seemingly towards hopelessness,
where Death is all that my eyes can see.
The chains are what nudge me on,
carrying me upon all paths which lead me Home.
Assisting my ascension, onward to my awaiting peace,
away from the brimstone below, that merely awaits my failure.
By thorn & thistle, from dust was I made,
by stone do ever tread in servitude's name.
The playful pull from below may tighten its hold on,
But the chains will bring me to Resurrection.
I will take on this struggle, as my Lord did before me,
To reach up to the peak of my given challenge,
Above and beyond my inherent inferno.
As God as my witness, my spirit shall never perish.
The process of keeping faith while going through life & all of it's challenges.

The Rugged noose: Hell's temptation, and the possibility of death/damnation as a result of sin.
Golden Chains: Servitude, unity, and faith. Coming from both Human to Heaven/God.
Mountain and labyrinth: Going through life, and experiencing it's endless challenges.
The mirror: Constant reminder of ones mistakes; memory of every falter.
The Waterfall: God and Heaven's endless blessings.
Blood: sacrifice
Sweat: work
Tears: suffering
Thirst: curiosity
Tired limbs: physical and spiritual self-movements.
Rock Bottom: Hell
Dark Forest: Allusion to Dante's Inferno, referring to a burdened conscious.
Laughing pullers: Demons.
Thorn & thistle: Retaliation/affliction/protection; allusion to Genesis.
Chains->Resurrection: Christ when he was forced to carry the Cross, all the way to when he arose.

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December 1, 2012
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