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Consider this a more detailed version of my other pieces, 'Genesis 1:1-31' and 'Wisdom and Intellect', concerning the ideas and theories behind the origin of the universe. I very much enjoy writing on the subject that God is so much more than many understand Him to be. It's both a way for me to help others understand God (as I see Him, these are just my opinions based on my studies and experience) as well as a way to praise Him and His glory. Here are some links for those who may be unfamiliar with a few things I intend to cover in this exhortation.…

You are the mortal s
um of countless years worth of fate and toil. Constructed by the very fingers of infinity from specs of the most significant dust. To that dust, are you of course destined to return, and this time between times is for you to have a go at choice. In these moments, while your eyes skim over these words that I pray provide more than some strange idea, I want you to let the details sink into themselves. I will explain that last sentence shortly, but for now, take heart to consider every single specific attribute, component, major and minor, obvious and hidden, discovered and yet known...take this all into the most open mind of consideration. 

The blood in your veins harbors an almost limitless supply of cells, which are made up of even smaller bits and pieces like the nucleus, mitochondria, organelles and so on...each of them, tasked with transporting the life element of oxygen, or clotting up wounds and fighting infection. That's just a fraction of what the cells within the blood within your veins & arteries which spread throughout the human anatomy in its entirety. That life element, oxygen is millions and millions of years old and provided to us by a beautiful planet. 'From dust you came', be it the dust of the earth, or dust from once grand stars of the cosmos...YOU are not some coincidence of universal chaos.

But of course, there are skeptics in the world, (always have been, always will be) who refuse to even consider the possibility that we may in fact, have a much more detailed and complex explanation for all of existence as we now know it. Some still believe that the world was created in six days, when for God it could have been seconds, days, or weeks, whereas to us it would've been a matter of billions of years. Some will say that the world is only 6000 years old give or take, while others will say somewhere in the trillions, and some will say that none of this is real, we're in a dream world being harvested by machines who use us as batteries while we continue our fantasies in the Matrix. I do hope that those people are of a very small minority. But in all seriousness, God only knows the real facts, measurements, history and so on(2 Peter 3:3-8)...He and only He has the true answers. I have believed for quite some time now, that the Lord our God, is more than just a creator. To give Him such simple title and leave it at that is a horrific understatement at the very least. Even recently, a world has been discovered that is quite like our own, and astronomers are stating that it is the closest representation to our little world that they've found. Such is enough to suggest that God never stops working, because He knows that such majestic beauty as we have seen with the cosmos, can and should be limitless.

He is anything and everything that is good. Every occupation, idea, hobby, philosophy, field of study, and more. I could go through every word of the entirety of human speech, and still not be able to even come close to the remote amount of minimal justice to just how brilliant, astounding and fantastic God really is. Science is the Lords way of applying logic and reason to a beautiful existence in where just about anything can happen in the equation of fate, choice and chance. I have, on occasion, imagined Him at a desk in a lab molding new animals from clay or materials that we haven't even found yet. Although I'm inclined to believe that the process is much more impossible for my mind to comprehend. All that being said, I sincerely believe that we are not meant to have all the answers to every question that we happen to ask.

Skeptical people will assume whatever it is that they would like to believe, which in some cases, is perfectly acceptable. However, I feel that regardless of chosen beliefs, we should come to some agreement that we will never really KNOW anything yet still hold the ability to admire a great and wondrous amount of beauty that our senses have been given blessings to experience(Hebrews 11:1-3). For example, I do believe in the Big Bang Theory, or at least something related to the concept. If I were to remove God from the explanation of existence however, and simply explain the Big Bang Theory, then it would really boil down to, "in the beginning, there was nothing, which for no reason whatsoever, spontaneously exploded, creating the universe and every single little thing in it, out of complete chance and in that same chance, many of those things found order and logic and begin to just sort of do their own thing and then after billions of years, life began in the process of the theory of evolution which was all about survival in a chaotic world filled with living breathing creatures and water and plant life and then a long time later, we humans developed and eventually I popped out and into reality where everyone has the ability to make their own choices and be confused like everyone else around them, just as I'm sure the reader is by now. Do you see what I'm getting at? I'm not disputing evidence, as much as I'm adding God to the equation(s).

Even Einstein, one of the poster boys of science, believed in a God of order and logic and reason. The fact is that it's in our nature to want and try to make sense of this beautiful world and the broad universe all around it, and we're desperate for answers the majority of the time. And that's OK! God loves those who seek out knowledge (Proverbs 18:15-24), yet we must understand that we're only going to find the answers that we are ready for, by God's authority. Odds are also good that we may have faulty translations seeing as how units of measurement have differed and changed like many other things throughout our time as flawed creatures in the middle of a war. In Job 38:4-30, and Isaiah 40:12, God alludes to evidence that we wouldn't have the ability to truly behold time & space with each and every detail. Do you think a thing like evolution or the Big Bang Theory would've flown back when the Catholic church was on a horned high horse? No it would've been snuffed out with its believers the second their mouths opened. And knowing their dark history, chances are good that those sorts of things did occur! Words like universe, billions, theory, science, and so on either didn't exist or held very different meanings in those days.

What I encourage people to have is an open mind for is this: that God created the Heavens and the Earth(Genesis 1:1-31), and by that same authority, that very same God can do literally anything, including bringing about such things as the universe and everything it. Every detail, major and minor, near and far, then, now and forever.

God bless.
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Chris Grubbs
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I dedicate the majority of my work to our Lord in Heaven, as well as my lovely girlfriend. Please refer to my journal entries: "From Christian to Atheists" and "On the Pictures I use", and also a few of the others because they really sum up what I'm about and my personal agenda in regards to my work.

I enjoy studying mainly theology and psychology, but also forensic science, history, meteorology, literature, and a few other things.Please feel free to leave prayer requests in the comment section on my main page, and ask questions if you do not understand something that I post. Please keep in mind that I am only human, and I am far from perfect. I mean well with my intentions and goals, for all whom they affect.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I've written.
Thank you, and God bless.

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Thank you and God bless!
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Happy Birthday Chris!
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